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On June 2nd, 2005 I purchased a 2005 Suzuki Vinson LE ATV. It was great fun but I sold it on 07/14/2008 to pay for some unexpected expenses. Below you'll find some articles I wrote about the Vinson which I'll keep available in case they are useful.

[ My Suzuki Vinson LE ]

I've already made two modifications to my new toy. Every four wheel drive ATV needs a winch. It's indispensible when you're stuck in the mud or high-centered on a big log. The second modification was to install a switch to optionally disable the reverse rev limiter. If you're stuck in the mud, you might need a little more reverse speed to get out.

Since I couldn't find any detailed instructions online for installing the relay for the winch or for installing a switch to turn off the reverse limiter, I've put together the following two pages with instructions and photos.

[ Suzuki Vinson LE ]