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I now own four firearms.

Here's my Mossberg 500 20-gauge shotgun:

[ Mossberg 500 20-gauge Shotgun ]

Here's my Saiga 7.62 rifle:

[ Saiga 7.62 ]

The Saiga is cool because it looks a lot like an AK-74 and the mechanics are very similar. This gun is made by the Izhmash factory, the home of the Kalashnikov. Essentially it's the sporting/hunting version of the AK-74. Mine shoots a 7.62x39mm round, but they also come in .223 and .308. I have two 30-round magazines and one 10-round magazine. You can also get this in a 20" barrel but I have the 16".

This year I've purchased two pistols: a Smith & Wesson 22A:

[ S&W 22A ]

and a Smith & Wesson Sigma (SW9VE) :

[ SW9VE ]

My Sigma is a 9mm (9X19), has a 4" barrel and has 16+1 capacity. The frame is polymer but the slide and barrel are stainless steel.