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You might know Mark Knopfler better as the lead singer and guitarist from Dire Straits. In fact, most of Knopfler's work has been released through the band Dire Straits, all very talented musicians, but as the singer and song writer, he's really the essence of the sound. More recently, he's been releasing albums under his own name.

Knopfler's guitar work is outstanding. Mostly of a blues-rock and jazz mixture, Knopfler can rock out with the best of 'em but at times, you'll also find the more subtle elements of his music a surprising (and pleasing) display of his mastery of the instrument. His album Shangri-La is one of the best examples of his subtle, yet masterful guitar work.

I have indicated which albums were released under the name "Dire Straits" in the discography below by adding "[Dire Straits]" after the album title.


Dire Straits [Dire Straits] (1978) * ƒ

Communique [Dire Straits] (1979) * ƒ

Making Movies [Dire Straits] (1980) * ƒ

Love Over Gold [Dire Straits] (1982) * ƒ

Local Hero (1983)

Cal (1984)

Alchemy: Dire Straits Live [Dire Straits] (1984) *

Brothers in Arms [Dire Straits] (1985) * ƒ

The Princess Bride [Movie Sountrack] (1987)

Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989)

On Every Street [Dire Straits] (1991) * ƒ

On the Night [Live: Dire Straits] (1993) *

Live at the BBC [Dire Straits] (1995) *

Golden Heart (1996) *

Wag the Dog [Movie Sountrack] (1998)

Metroland (1999)

Sailing to Philadelphia (2000) *

Shot At Glory (2002)

The Ragpicker's Dream (2002) *

Shangri-La (2004) * ƒ

* album I own
ƒ indicates favorite album(s)