Michael Roe - Safe As Milk


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[ Safe As Milk Album Art ]

you're like chrome and steel
a lightning wheel
you're dressed up
stripped down like a banana peel
you're unreal, babe
a full meal, babe
you're built straight from scratch
no seams, no patch
lift the lid, lift the latch
you've battened down every hatch
you're a catch, babe
a perfect match, babe

i'm a semi-sucker
stumbling down the road
a real gone trucker
since i dropped my load

i was wholly jive
and only half alive
i went looking for a ride
and you swiped my side
we collide, babe
deep and wide, babe
i was a hefty hunk
of gas-guzzling junk
a total clunker, i ran
but i sweat and i stunk
like a funk, babe
i was sunk, babe

you're a sweet hitchhiker
with your soul in your shoes
you can take time out
for a permanent cruise
won't you choose me?

c'mon baby
you can't refuse
c'mon and take me
for a ride in your walking shoes

you're a one-way ticket
to a 2-way street
got me coming and going
every time we meet
you're a treat, babe
so concrete, babe
i drove you to Moline
from Aberdeen
you got something us local folks
ain't never seen
you got feel, babe
my ideal, babe

i'm a flat-tired floozy
flopping out on you
no one can pump me up
the way that you do
can you move me?

c'mon baby
you got nothing to lose
you can drive me crazy
with your walking shoes

c'mon baby
make it all come true
take a trip
don't slip
don't drop me out
in the morning dew

c'mon baby
you can't refuse
take me one day
one step at a time
in those walking shoes