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The Stellazine Prophecy [ 30-second MP3 sound clip ]


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[ Safe As Milk Album Art ]

i've got this great new drug
her name is Stella
she shines like a beautiful star
make you real happy, fella

if your heart's like ice
she'll melt it
and make you feel love
like you've never, ever felt it

she can cool your temper
or bring your temperature around
make your ears perk up
to every little sound

she's got the goods
to take all the bad right out of you
turn your sad into glad
be a mother and dad to you, too

yeh, that's Stella
she's so good in a pinch
she'll extend the length of your pleasure
make you grow another inch

you can fly to Peru
you can become a priest
write books for fun or profit
or be a prophet, at least

reams and reams of clever scripts
man, you'll playwrite them all
take a trip
take a stumble
but she'll never let you fall

forget all of the history books you read
she'll obliterate the past
and eliminate all of your petty little needs

forget all the crime and the hatred
you've witnessed all these human years
sit back and let Stella
plot your future without any fears

she's one hell of a chick
she's one heaven of a ride
man, she rides like paradise
but you're still gonna die
so pray that she's there to greet you
when you get to the other side
'cuz there's nothing more sad
than a man alone at the alter
without his blushing bride

that's it