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Go With God But Go [ 30-second MP3 sound clip ]


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[ Safe As Milk Album Art ]

forget about me and the day we met
forget all of the foolish dreams we had
one thing to remember, don't forget
the one and only good thing that i said was that i love you
and i know,
i know you must have loved me too
but the whole thing wasn't right
and now i know that you must go
go with God but go

seems we always had something or someone
standing somewhere
in between us with a gun
flaunting everything that they achieved
making everything we had going look cheap
well it wasn't true and now we know
but for too long we believed that it was so
till it ground us right down to the floor
and now we're gone
gone with God but gone

so i packed it up for places unknown
leaving everything i held so dear and warm
now i can't hold on to nothing anymore
i lost my grip one too many times before
well it's too late to go back there i know
and it's too cold to sit here in the snow
so it's upward and onward hi-de-ho
and let it go
go with God but go