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You Leave Me Homeless [ 30-second MP3 sound clip ]


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you leave me homeless
outside a frame of time
outside the flame of family
community gone to ashes,
stone and lime
yes, you leave me homeless
no less than stray cats
or women with bags
the sleepless, penniless, toothless hags
i'm free to roam, but there's no home

guess it's a matter of the heart
we started long ago on shaky ground
foundations crumbled left us unsafe and unsound
just bound to fall
and that's what ruined it all

you leave me homeless
i need a new place i can go
where there's a room to tell the truth in
and still feel safe and still feel whole
a bed that i don't have to lie on
a bath where i'll get truly clean
some food that satisfies my hunger
where walking out
is the same as walking in